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Louvre quest-tour

The Louvre quest-tour will show you the beauty of the Louvre in the form of a guided quest. You will respect all the most well-known gems, including the Venus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa and many others

What's quest tour about

Visiting the Louver Museum is an unfathomable encounter however without an arrangement, it very well may be somewhat baffling. What to see and where to go to the greatest exhibition hall on the planet, lodging astonishing artful culminations from various ages and nations?

To benefit as much as possible from your visit we created this special quest-tour. You will respect all the most well-known gems, including the Venus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa, the artistic creations by David and Delacroix, Michelangelo's figures and numerous others. . . you will find the historical backdrop of the Louver and the development of the European western workmanship from the earliest starting point to the nineteenth century.

Toward the finish of the visit, you will have the chance to remain in the Museum as long as you need to visit different displays at your very own pace.

Important! This is a quest-tour only! It does not contain an entry ticket to the Louvre, however, we can buy them for you based on your request. Please e-mail us.

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without hard quizzes

Rue de Rivoli 99

The tour starts here

1,5 h

walking pace

2 km

Approximate quest tour distance


Language of the tour

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Price for the quest-tour

What you will see on quest tour

– Louvre
– Michelangelo's figures
– Apollo gallery
– the Mona Lisa

Start at Rue de Rivoli 99

Author of the quest

Surprise Me Only those who wander, find new paths

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You can take a break for shopping, gatherings in a cafe or a spectacular selfi at any time and continue the quest-tour whenever you want. You will not even depend on weather or internet connection. Yes, our quest-tours could be played offline!

Full-spectrum of features

We integrated maps into each quest-tour. The distance indicator to the object together with map help you and you will not get lost even in an unfamiliar city for you.

Full immersion

Tasks with text, images, audio and video inserts, augmented reality, those reveal the reality for you in new colors. You will remember the quest-tour and the story for long time and definitely will share with friends and family!

The best authors of quest-tours make routes for you in different parts of the world so that you can enjoy incredible adventures and preserve the memory of the sights and their stories a little more than in the case of ordinary excursions.

With the Questcity app, you can visit the most hidden streets and secret places, develop intellectual abilities and do it all in the form of a game.

Popular questions answered

How does a quest-tour work?
You will begin the quest-tour through the Questcity application, it will give you tasks and lead you along an intriguing route. In this case, you will need to solve puzzles, get acquainted with the area, look for artifacts and at the same time, you will learn something new about the city or museum in the form of a game.
What is the difference between a quest-tour from an audio guide or a regular excursion?
All our quest-tours are interactive. Along the way, you will feel immersed in the storyline, whether it is a treasure hunt, saving the world, or an adventure with Harry Potter. You will learn a lot about the terrain in a playful way, while during the quest, you can pause and continue at your convenience.
Is the internet required?
Only at the first download of quest-tour. After downloading it you can even go to the mountains and pass it without the Internet.
When can I start the quest-tour?
Start the quest-tour at any time convenient for you, unless this is mentioned separately in the description of the quest tour.
How many people can participate?
You can take a quest-tour in the company of up to 5 people. We do not recommend taking it to a company consisting of more than 5 people, as you may lose interest in participating.

Mobile quest-tours turn your journey into an adventure!

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Louvre quest-tour
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